Last week, you should have received an email from your child’s teacher about filling in our Yearly Consent Form which this year is on a Google Forms format.

If you have not filled out our Yearly Consent Form yet, can we please ask that you to fill it in as soon as possible?

It is vital we have this information from every family in our school to support us with remote learning and to provide us with parent consent information.

Please find the link for each class’s Yearly Consent Form below:


Reception GH

Reception CH

Reception GH/GH

Year 1 HS

Year 1 ED

Year 2 LT

Year 2 SC

Year 2 RK

Year 3 OS

Year 3 DT

Year 4 EM

Year 4 SJ

Year 4 RC

Year 5 AS

Year 5 VO

Year 6 BB

Year 6 AF

If you need a paper copy of the form, please ask your child’s class teacher. Please return the form as soon as possible.

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