Year four had a smashing start to our week on Tuesday 2nd May. We all walked to Hebburn Comprehensive School to compete in an athletics competition between groups from Toner Avenue and Bedeburn.

Children took part in track and field events, including Speed Bounce, Standing Long Jump, 5 Bounding Strides and Obstacle Relay.

Andrea, from the Sports Development Team, was proud of all the children who took part. She instructed both of our year four classes over the spring term and said that this was the only tournament where the children really applied the skills they learned in the competition.

Each team pulled together and it was obvious that every single child gave 100% effort. The competition was tight and we eagerly await the overall results. Watch this space …DSCN2569 DSCN2567 DSCN2566 DSCN2564 DSCN2562 DSCN2561 DSCN2559 DSCN2551 DSCN2549 DSCN2542 DSCN2538 DSCN2530 DSCN2525 DSCN2520

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