Twelve children, six from both Year 5 and Year 6, competed against other schools from South Tyneside in a gymnastics festival at Temple Park. They were selected by the coach, who had been teaching both year groups throughout the Spring Term. The children had to perform a gymnastics routine that consisted of a round-off, scale balance – which they had to hold for a minimum of three seconds, a backward roll into straddle stand, a half turn, two cartwheels and a choice of completing the routine with either the splits or a bridge.

Whilst waiting to perform their routine they had an exciting time bouncing on the trampolines and performing somersaults.

Once again the children were a credit to Toner Avenue School, showing great sportsmanship and manners.

Well done to Karl, Abigale, Ellen, Jack, Lei, Chelsey, Ruby, Owen, Emily, Alysha, Maddison and Ellie.

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