Y2 had an awesome time this morning, as they went to see Angry Birds at the cinema.

We had to get to school a little earlier than usual, just so we had time to get the metro…Mr. King made sure we got to the Hebburn metro just in time! Phew! We had compliments from the passengers when Rosie gave up her seat for an older lady. Eden kept the passengers informed by reading out all of the announcements from the screen.

Once we arrived, some children were lucky enough to nab VIP seats! The teachers gave out some sweet treats and we settled in to watch the film. We all really enjoyed it and everyone said it was a great film.


My my favourite character was Bomb.



I liked it when the Hatchlings lost the eggs.


It was funny


We got back in n the metro for our journey home and the driver opened his cab door to tell Mr. King that our Y2 classes were the most efficient and organised group that he had ever had on his metro. We walked back to school very tired but incredibly proud!

We have written reviews of the film which we will share soon, everyone also received a free child’s ticket for the cinema tonight on the way home!

Thank you so much to our team of helpers for making sure everyone was safe and everything ran smoothly. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Finally, the children were amazingly well behaved and well mannered the whole time, they were a credit to our school. WELL DONE!

Y2 Team