On Monday, Year 2 visited the site of our brand new school. We were able to look at some drawings of what the school will look like. We were even lucky enough to go on the viewing platform to see how the building is getting along!

The children were very excited to see how it will look and wanted everyone to know so in our Topic lesson, we wrote newsletters telling everyone what the future holds for Toner Avenue!

Amelia’s was so good that she wanted to share it all with you!

Dear parents and carers,

Our school will soon be changing. It will be so exciting. There will be an upstairs and a downstairs. Over 600 children can fit inside. It is made out of steel.It has paper around it to keep it warm. Are you wondering what is happening to the old school? It will be destroyed! Do you know why it is getting knocked down? So there is more room for the kids. It will be so exciting! We are very lucky to have a new school and it will be higher than the old one.

By Amelia (Y2OS)


We hope you are as excited as we are for the future of Toner Avenue!