We would like to give a warm welcome back to our returning children and to those that start their journey with us this term. Almost all of our new children have started, and we are so proud of how they have settled.

This half term will be very busy as we spend lots of time welcoming our new children and sharing with them what nursery is all about! This includes helping them leave their parents/carers, making new friends and sharing experiences,They will get to know the staff, the nursery routines and the environment, sing songs and listen to stories. I’m sure some of the children have already been singing some of our songs to you at home!

Once settled we move to our topic ‘All about Me’ which gives us a great opportunity to find out all about what our children like, what their favourite books/stories and toys are. Together we share our home life, talking about families. Finally moving on to what our bodies can do and exploring our senses.

We also celebrate Harvest time and will be learning some celebration songs that we will share with you.

As you may have noticed we are blessed with a huge garden, which we spend time in each session. Even in mild weather if can be quite muddy and wet. It would be extremely helpful if you could provide your child with some wellies to leave at nursery, they can be kept on the floor beneath their peg. We will encourage them to wear them when necessary. (Don’t forget to pop their name inside)

In the next few weeks we will be introducing library books to the children. At the end of the session on your specified day you can support your child in choosing a book from our selection. They can borrow this for the week and return the next week, to swap for another.

When library starts, days are as follows;

BEES- Tuesdays

LADYBIRDS- Wednesdays

We look forward to this term and sharing your children’s nursery experience.

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Hunt

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