View From A Platform

Konstruction Kids View From a Platform

Near, far, where ever you are…

Upon our arrival at the Kier building site, Rhys escorted us to the viewing platform, where we looked at the progress of the new school. Whilst we were there, we waved at the (very befuddled) year 3 and Y5. We could see the entire school! Workmen were constructing the plumbing, while some were on the working on the roof, safely surrounded by scaffolding.

The ground floor

From up high we could see the shiny surface of the newly poured concrete, on top of the steel mesh. They told us that they put a waterproof lining between the mesh and the concrete to stop mold and damp. This will become the tiled and carpeted ground floor. Being that high up, some of us fell apprehensive, even experiencing a little vertigo.

Next, the group went back into the cabin and discussed the plan for the new build. We viewed a 3D model of the new school building, which was rather like Mine-craft. We even saw what the inside of the new school building would look like on the computer. We found out how much security parents would have to go through, in order to enter the school office, emphasising the high security in place for our children’s safety.

You’ll all be exited to know that the boss, Darran, told us that other classes will be able to visit the site, one by one, after the Christmas holidays.

If you would like to know any more information, feel free to ask one of us Konstruction Kids.

Rys and Mrs Sheldon on the platform