Year 4 spent their windy Tuesday travelling back in time to visit Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend to learn more about the Romans and Celts who lived in our area around 2,000 years ago.
We learned how the Celts used wattle and daub to make their primitive roundhouses and had a go ourselves! Whilst it was a nice effect it took ages to weave even a small frame! We couldn’t imagine having to weave together a full house.

The Romans took some inspiration from the Celts by incorporating an alternating pattern called a staggerbond. They overlapped their stones to make stronger, longer-lasting buildings – just like some of the buildings we saw today!

We also looked at Roman weaponry. The Celts didn’t stand a chance with simple spears up against the Romans and their stone-firing catapults! We made our own mini catapults using lollipop sticks and pom poms.


Year 4 were so impressive the whole day and the Segedunum staff even commented on the lovely manners of the children.

Well done Year 4!

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