Wow!  What an amazing response to the end of topic projects!  I have never seen a hall so filled with awed adults!  Thank you all for coming and for the kind words about the event, the staff, children and yourselves have worked really hard this term and it was an excellent way to show it off!

Once the parents left the children have had a chance to visit the hall and the buzz of excitement returned!

I am so proud of all of our children and the support that they have received at home.  Well done to you all!

See if you can spot yourself looking impressed in the photos!

M. Arthur

  1. I was in the fortunate position to be able to pop in this morning and see the children’s efforts 1st hand.


    What an incredible display of talent there was to be seen. The time and effort that has gone into all of the displays was quite simply overwhelming. The children, and their adults, really have surpassed all expectations with this project and it was a joy to share with them.

    I feel the time and effort that has gone into all of their works is a true reflection of how proud the children are to be part of the school. I really hope that somebody somewhere within Ofsted and/or the Local Authority recognises this and acknowledges the school is really on the up.

    The school maybe soon to receive a new ‘face’ in terms of the facilities but it’s clear that at the heart of the school there is still an abundance of passion, enthusiasm and good old fashioned traditional values and teaching. What better foundation for the years to come?

    Well done to all. (cant wait for next term)

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