On Wednesday 21st February, Y4FD went in search of GOLD!

They got their sieves and pans and went to our local river (well, to a bucket full of the contents of a river bed) and searched for anything shiny.

The Y4 ‘River’

It seems that the children were very lucky, as, one after another, each person struck gold.

“I’ve found a nugget!”

Buzzing with excitement, news of the gold rush soon spread through the entire class.

“Where’s that gold?”

It was like the Californian gold rush of 1849.

“I’m rich!”

“I Luuurve gold!”

“What is the exchange rate of gold these days?”

The next day, they weren’t best pleased when I told them it was only ‘Fool’s Gold’ they’d found (iron pyrite) not real gold at all.


Today’s lesson – All that glitters is not gold!

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