Year 2 had a brilliant time with Richard ‘That History Bloke’ today!

We learned so much and got to touch and use items from the Victorian Times! (Ask the children to explain what a ‘Gazunda’ is 😂🙈) We learned the names of the important landmarks and places we are visiting tomorrow, we guessed the jobs that people did in the past by investigating their possessions. We even made up a play. We learned lots AND we had fun! Richard was very pleased to hear this!

The children were totally engrossed with the whole session and it was a brilliant day!

The children ended the day chanting “History is fun, history is fun!” and Richard said it was the best Christmas present to hear that.

It made us even more excited for our visit to the Quayside tomorrow, to visit all the places we learned about today and to find out even more.

We can’t think of a better way to round off our learning about ‘Fire; Friend or Foe?’





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