Super Sunderland Steel


Last week, the Konstruction kids, along with Vicky from Kier, went to a steel factory in Sunderland to find out how 159 tons of steel are being fabricated into beams and columns for our new school.

At Harry Marsh’s factory, a nice man, named Neil, showed us designs for the new school and we saw how different lots of steel will make-up the sections we can all see going up now.

Kevin (the minion) allowed each of us to add a column to the computer design for the new building.

“I’m not taking the responsibility if the school collapses,” Matthew exclaimed as he popped in another column.

After that, we inserted ear plugs before going onto the factory floor to see how the beams were being constructed.

A machine was placing holes into the steel for the metal bolts, which will bond the beams to the columns. We watched the steel beam being cut.

Soon after, we used a special type of chalk and wrote our names onto a massive column. This will be welded on permanently, at a temperature of 18000◦, and become part of the new school forever!

Matthew, Mario, McKenzie, Serena and Lily

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