A massive thank you and well done to everyone who completed a project for this half term’s Big Questions. This half term we saw our hall filled with famous landmarks from all around the UK.

There was also a menagerie of animals, all of which needed humans to protect them. It is wonderful to see that even our youngest children are aware of the environmental issues facing us today. Mr Arthur learned something new today too – did you know that zebras sleep standing up? Our older children had also had the environment at the centre of their work and had completed lots of research about single use plastics; there were some informative, interactive exhibits seen. Mrs Stanton was particularly impressed with Holly’s booklet and commented on the detail included.

Further up the school, we saw lots of work on democracy, stretching back from Ancient Greek times to modern day, although we are still not able to help with the Brexit situation.

Our Year 3 children had thought carefully about what should be included in healthy lifestyles and there was a range of healthy foods on offer.

The most tasty treats were seen in Year 5’s area – we had planet cakes, solar cakes and alien cakes on offer – I know where I will be spending the morning!

What really stood out were how much effort has gone into these projects. It was wonderful to see how many children had visited landmarks or museums to find out information. There were also a lot of poems and powerpoints this time round – they were all amazing, and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

As I am sure you will appreciate, next term is going to be a very busy one…we have lots of things planned to get us all ready to settle in to our new building. With this in mind, we have taken the decision to only have 1 Big Question per year group for the whole of the Summer Term. Our final project morning for this academic year will take place in the week of the 17th June. More details to follow.

If you enjoyed looking at our projects, please leave a comment on our website, we love to share them with the children.


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