Today Year 6 went on a visit to Hebburn Comprehensive to take part in the Professor Brainstorm workshop. We were able to witness some fantastic experiments and we learnt lots of technical vocabulary that we have used to write the following recount of our trip.

Firstly, the professor tricked us by pouring water into a cup, mixing them up and eventually the water vanished, he had used a special powder in the bottom of the cup called sodium polyacrylate which very quickly turned the water into a jelly-like substance, this is used in nappies to keep babies clean and prevent any nasty spillages!

After that, Professor Brainstorm asked a volunteer to use a banana to hammer in a nail, obviously this would not work… however, he poured a substance, which is called liquid nitrogen, onto the banana which froze it solid and meant it could be used as a hammer.
The liquid nitrogen is so cold that when it is exposed to the air it begins to boil and turn into a gas- previously we only thought this happened with hot water!

Neve was chosen to hold a flower that had been frozen by liquid nitrogen, she recorded the following observations: “Before it was submerged in liquid nitrogen it was just a normal flower, it felt almost like plastic and you could bend it a lot because it was very flexible. However, afterwards it was all brown and crusty, as soon as you held it the whole thing disintegrated. It was very brittle!”

Finally, Professor Brainstorm had made a ‘spud gun’ which was a copper pipe, and he had a smaller wooden pole that fit into the middle. He filled the ends of the gun with potato, which left air in the middle of the pipe, as he inserted the wooden pole into the pipe, the air was forced closer together which made it vibrate causing a high pitched sound, the pressure was then built up until one end of the gun had to blow!

We had a fantastic time & many of us can’t wait to go back for the open evening on Thursday night.

The children behaved impeccably during our visit and were so keen to get involved with the experiments, when we returned to school the children typed up their recounts onto our fabulous new laptops!

Well done year 6!