I hope everyone connected to Toner Avenue has an amazing summer break.  The staff here have all worked incredibly hard since the children left on Tuesday to get the whole school boxed up and ready for the move.  An absolutely brilliant effort by everyone.

Come September we will be in the shiny new building, which is very nearly finished!  Please remember the only the Beresford Avenue entrance will be available for children coming into and leaving school.

I would like to ask for your patience in advance…  We only take the building on August 28th, which does not give us much time to unpack, get the computers up and running and learn our way around the building!  There will be teething problems but I know that the children, parents and carers and staff will help each other to get through it together.  That’s what we do at Toner Avenue!

Have a great Holiday and I’ll see you all in your new blue uniforms in September!


M. Arthur