After new teams joined the girl’s football league. They decided to start the fixtures again. So, on Tuesday afternoon the girls went to Mortimer Community College for their first fixtures of the season.


Here is the match reports written by a member of the squad.


On Tuesday, the girls football team played against St Mathews and
Jarrow cross in a tournament at Mortimer Primary School. We drew
against St Mathews (0-0) and lost against Jarrow cross (1-0), both
teams had great players and played well, fairly and put up a good
Katie was the captain of the team, Ava played in goal
keeper/defence, Lexi was a midfielder, Olivia was right wing Niamh
Lucy was also defence Mia, Lily, Georgina were subs.
Lexi and Katie nearly scored goals but it got intercepted. Ava
defended well and stopped St Mathews from scoring three goals. On
the second game, Katie went into goal and stopped Jarrow Cross
from scoring one goal.
We are very excited to get training hard so we are ready for our next match!

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